Exor India is the partner company of Exor International ( Verona, Italy ) selling total HMI solutions in the Indian market and is based in Mumbai. Exor India ( Kochi and Bangalore ) software team provides services to the R & D division of Exor International for development and enhancement of the HMI and embedded systems software.

Exor India, prides itself in being able to serve its customers throughout India with committed delivery schedules backed by powerful local, skilled and efficient Technical support services. We deliver highest -quality products for Industrial , Marine and Building automation as well as embedded system applications. Our Parent , Exor International has a worldwide reputation and recognition in having brand label agreements with most Prestigious automation companies of the world.

Exor India provides total HMI solutions from board level embedded systems to simple text displays, monochrome graphics units to full color touchscreen. These products are sold and supported currently in more than 40 countries around the world, with many large companies and OEM using Exor International units to expand their own product offering.

Exor India’s goal is to penetrate deeper into the Indian automation space in terms of geography and verticals to provide the benefit of using these world class HMI products and solutions to its potential users specially in the Industrial, Building and the Marine Automation market. We are committed to serve our customers with the On time delivery of the products, provide the required product training to enable our customers to take the best from the features provided and to support them with prompt and effective world class after sales support services.